I’ve been listening to the rhetoric about the outrageous pay that educators earn. Now I have worked in and with schools all over the country for over twenty years and I’m trying to recall all of the “rich” educators that I have met. Done. Interesting, every “rich” educator that I have met either became wealthy by inheritance, marriage or through endeavors outside the field of education (note to self – call rich uncle, have wife get another job and buy a lottery ticket). Now, maybe I’m jaded. Since as an educator, by the new “sound bite” definition, I am wealthy. Perhaps, I have lost touch with the common man. It is a legitimate concern. So I have done some quick research (on my smart phone – embrace bootleg technology). I compiled the average salaries of various professions that from a business / societal standpoint are similar to that of a teacher. Currently, in Houston, Texas (my home town) here are the median salaries of teachers and some other wealthy professionals:

Profession Median Salary Opportunities for Extra Income
Registered Nurse $66,733.00 Work extra shifts (standard practice)
Teacher $51,713.00 Work after hours and on week-ends for no additional pay
Police Officer (Patrol) $50,962.00 Work side jobs (standard practice)
Accountant $44,704.00 Work side jobs
Firefighter $42,017.00 Work side jobs (standard practice)

So when compared to other professions that require specialized education and training and serve a significant business/societal need, teachers seem to be compensated… at a fair and appropriate level. Interesting. I can’t wait to share this information with my sister the firefighter, my brother the nurse and my neighbor the police officer. Perhaps I’ll do it at the country club where we mingle with all of our other rich friends. Think. Work. Achieve.Your turn…Follow Sean Cain on www.Twitter.com/LYSNation