LYS Nation, have you embraced bootleg technology? Consider this your weekly reminder. Pull out your smart phone and ask yourself, “How can I better use this incredible tool to improve campus operations and student learning?” The first step is to get more comfortable with the device. Sure, you are already using it to manage your e-mail, but what’s next. A number of you in the LYS Nation are now using their cell phones to follow Twitter. If you haven’t done so yet, we want you to join us. To let you see what you are missing, here are the Top 10 LYS Tweets from the week of February 27th, as tabulated by the accountants at Price Waterhouse. 1. Attention PowerWalks users. A new report has been added to the system. You will have to create a new report to see it. The best keeps getting better! 2. Great conversation with LYS Icons Barbara Fine & Lesa Cain and the newest LYS Coach, nationally recognized curriculum expert, Jenna Kernahan. 3. Had to explain to an AP that running to get to class on time is a good thing. Should not get the same consequence as being late to class. 4. 3.5 mile run this morning – run thought: The destroyers get significantly more press than the builders. Who do you seek out and listen to? 5. Polls say the public opposes education cuts. Same public opposes taxes. Is it a failure of Soc. Studies teachers that the public doesn’t understand the connection? 6. With decreased funding and personnel, will there come a corresponding decrease in expectations and requirements? 7. I don’t expect Nordstrom’s service and attention to detail at Wal-Mart prices. 8. NY plan to limit Supt. pay will ensure that best Supt’s will not consider working in NY. There is a reason why Supt’s get paid what they do. (Note: Seen the list, some of the supt. salaries are outrageous.) 9. Can understand the need to cut state budgets. Can’t understand state prohibition on local districts to fill the gaps. Anti-school agenda? 10. Here’s a thought. If you are a politician and your children do not or did not attend public school, recuse yourself from public school votes. Think. Work. Achieve.Your turn…Follow Sean Cain at