In response to the 3/17/2011 post, “A LYS Principal’s Open Letter to the Governor,” some old school LYS’ers sent in some “atta boys”. LYS Coach and Icon, Barbara Fine writes – Dr. Burkett’s letter brought tears to my eyes. How great would it be if every LYS Principal would take the time to write a personal letter to the Governor.
The Ol’ Ball Coach writes – This is great!
The Big Easy writes – Dr. Burkett, I just read your letter to Governor Perry – well done, my friend! I, too, hope Governor Perry visits LBJ. I am confident that he would learn a lot, especially about leadership. You remind me of a principal who, under similar circumstances, said, “We will find a way or make a way.” Thanks for allowing me the privilege to work with you. Keep the spirit! SC Response I too thought it was a great letter, which is why I posted it. It is my hope that reason and respect will break through the poisonous rhetoric that both sides of the aisle seem to revel in. Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…Follow Sean Cain on