In response to the 11/7/2010 post, “Yes, I Know the Hours are Long – Part 1 & 2,” a LYS Principal writes: The posts of the last two days have been very interesting. The writer appears just a bit defensive. Just doesn’t get it. SC Response You do have a point. I think that some of the angry writers either didn’t read my post closely or missed the context. Some of them seemed to believe that either I meant that work is more important than family or that teachers do not work hard. Neither was the case. I was trying to point out that because to do the job well requires hard work and sacrifice that if you don’t love it, then please reflect on why you are doing it. If the equation no longer balances, it’s time to move on. To do otherwise is to make everyone miserable, you, your family, your co-workers and your students. Do know that I am not advocating giving up with the going gets tough. My intent is to point out that working through the “tough” is easier when you embrace the commitment, near impossible when you do not. Think. Work. Achieve.Your turn…Visit the LYS Booth at the TASA Mid-winter Conference