This weekend, one of the LYS Game On! schools sent me a motivational video that a head coach made for her team. The short version of Game On! is that every component of student performance is measured and embedded into a school-wide game. In this case, one team had been coming up short in number of games in the area school pride. Hence the video.
*Note: I tried to attach the video to this post, but the file is too large. Needless to say, it is really funny.
Did it work?
After sharing the video, in just one week Ms. Roberson’s team increased their spirit shirt participation by 22%, up to 91% (the other team had a 13% increase to 88%). And her 5th grade (the too cool for school kids) participation rate jumped from 49% to 96%.
And after two loses in a row, the dramatic increase in school pride was just enough for the Rockstars to eke out a victory!
What are you doing to get better today, and how many people are actually paying attention?
Think. Work. Achieve.
Your turn…
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