The following is a timely reminder from Lesa Cain and Barbara Fine (former LYS Principals, current LYS Coaches): TAKS writing is on Tuesday, March 1st. From January 18 to February 28 there are 30 days. Double and triple check your writing plan. 30 days will FLY by, so get on top of this now. Are you practicing revising and editing every day? Are your kids writing to a prompt every 3-4 days? Are your teachers conferring with students about the CONTENT and FLOW of the writing? Ask yourself if there is enough time in all classes – 30 minutes might be enough for some, but not enough for others. There is not enough recognition and reinforcement for effort in any classroom, in any school. This is a critical piece for success, so what positives are in every class or grade level as you prepare for all tests? Get together and make a plan – do kids earn points for questions correct, stickers, etc. They should track their own progress and a celebration and feeling of pride for EFFORT is key. As a leader the pressure you feel cannot flow to teachers and must NEVER flow to kids. So, you must also share the smallest successes with staff members – recognize their efforts too. You are on “camera” 24/7. What you DO is much more important than what you say, so make sure your words match your actions, especially in times of stress. We know, we know, when is it not stressful? 🙂 You guys are working incredibly hard – don’t waste it by working hard on the wrong thing! Focus, plan, and stick to the plan. PowerWalks in specific classes will allow you to monitor and adjust your plan. We believe in you and your ability to lead your campus. Start to believe in yourself. You and only you must take action to get your plan in place. Let us know how we can help. Lesa and Barbara Think. Work. Achieve.Your turn…Visit the LYS Booth at the TASA Mid-winter Conference