I was recently working with some principals and I specifically wanted to review the results of their district assessments. The principals had done some extensive analysis and knew exactly what their students were struggling with. But they were also at a loss as to what to do about it. I asked them who was beating them.
At first they were confused, so I clarified my question. “What campus or campuses that should not be outperforming you, are currently doing so?”

They did not know, so we went though a quick exercise (less than 5 minutes) and we were able to identify a campus that getting significant, but unexpected positive results. Then came the fun part, I said “Let’s call that principal and go see what he is doing.”

The principal in question was surprised by the request but quickly said, “Come on over.”

So what did we see on our field trip? We saw a school that is implementing the Foundation Trinity and embracing the Fundamental Five. We also saw in class after class, teachers and students who truly seem to like each other and are enjoying themselves. The big difference between the campus that was unexpectedly in the lead and the other two campuses was the seamless fluidity in the use of the Fundamental Five.

When I asked the principal what he attributed this to, he said, “We took to heart what you told us this summer. You said that the Fundamental Five is what we control. So that is our focus. We practice it, we observe it, we talk about it, and we review our progress all the time. I guess it is starting to work.”

Something to consider as you plan your focus for the spring semester.
Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…