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Don’t leave out the fact that there are now minimum standards to meet in the Commended categories for both Recognized and Exemplary (all on top of overcoming wildcard gaps)”

SC Response
Noted. Also, don’t forget that this year every sub-pop counts, which means that we must teach at full speed, from Day 1.

Here’s an interesting trend that we (LYS) have been observing for the past couple of years. At the typical school (rich and poor, big and small), only about 10% to 15% of observed instruction is at the Application level. With instruction at this level of rigor, the Title 1 school struggles to meet minimum performance standards and the non-Title 1 school meets minimum standards.

When observed instruction at the Application level is pushed to 20% or higher, the Title 1 school is solid Acceptable (without TPM), with a shot at being Recognized (without TPM).

When observed instruction at the Application level is pushed to the 40% range, the Title 1 campus is solid Recognized (without TPM), with a shot at being Exemplary (without TPM).

The only meaningful caveat to be noted is the requirement of a common scope and sequence. Use one and the above trends holds true. Don’t use one and as a teacher or campus leader, you are relying on hope and luck; which is not a high percentage formula for success.

What all of the above means is what LYS has been pointing out for years, the critical variable isn’t the student; the critical variable is the adult.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…