In response to the post, “Advice for the First Year Principal – Part 1,” a reader writes:


OK, another post that gave me chills…

The proof is in the pudding; the give a man a fish philosophy holds true with your response. I’m living proof that you lead at your highest point everyday, especially when you’re the one manning the ship regardless of the presence of the principal.

I believe it’s every leader’s responsibility on a campus to support ‘morale’ (which I also think is an adult mental capacity choice) and when you feel even the slightest bit of ‘low morale’ step up buddy and take action. After all, you ARE a ‘leader’. And if you’re not willing to accept that responsibility, then your campus’ end of year staff feedback was a result of YOUR capacity as well. Just point your finger pointing at the person in the mirror.

Thus, a result you can be proud of like ~ woo hoo ~ my former campus BEING EXEMPLARY….is reason to stick out your chest out, lift up your chin, and put some bounce in your step.

Use the suggestions, do the work, achieve results!”

SC Response
True leadership is about hard work; setting a constant and consistent example; regular and purposeful communication; and coaching and mentoring. The closer you do this to the people you lead, you better. The further you get away from this, the less effective you become.

In theory, most leaders understand this. But doing this everyday is entirely another matter. When things are going well, it is fairly easy, but that is not the test of leadership. The test of leadership is to remain committed to these practices when things are not going well or when your staff is feeling self-satisfied. For those that are able to do this, they build and lead teams that do extraordinary things year in and year out. The ‘leaders’ who cannot, leave performance sitting on the table and generally have a ready excuse that places the blame for this anywhere but on themselves.

This is why the “mirror” test is so effective. The person in the mirror always knows if or when you took a short-cut.

Finally, congratulations on last year’s results and on your brand new principalship. Call us if you need us and make the LYS Nation proud.

Think. Work. Achieve.

You turn…