In response to the post, “School Dysfunction,” a reader writes:

To quote SC, “The execution of best practice in every class, with every student, is no longer a matter of personal choice.”

If that simple statement was a creed we all lived by, on every campus, then could you imagine what an amazing education every student would receive?

I TOTALLY agree that “dysfunctional” is relative. That many seemingly OK campuses get by on non-functioning systems. And I know all too well the challenge of “re-functioning” a system when the people in and around it are blind to the number of underserved and damaged students that they leave in their wake.

I was told once “Do not change a thing for at least the first 6 month,” on a new campus. SC, your statement blows that advice out of the water. My kids don’t even have 9 weeks to wait, and they won’t!”

SC Response
Great post! I just want emphasize the importance of your closing statement. Every day that we know that we are under serving students, we are an active participant in creating an ever deepening hole for them to climb out of. The deeper the hole, the greater the number of students that will never escape, and the only person who really “owns” that number is the principal.

Which is why I always ask, “What do you value more, adult comfort or the future of your students?”

The actions of the principal, based on that question, dictate the quality of education on the campus.

SC Note
Have a safe and restful Fourth of July holiday. Posts will recommence on July 6th.

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