In response to the post, “A Conversation with One of the Smart Guys,” a reader writes:

“I want to work for Brett Jimmerson!”

SC Response
It is interesting that you sent in this comment, because recently I have observed the following phenomena, and it is picking up speed and intensity.

1. LYS’ers want to work with and/or for other LYS’ers.

2. Adamant non-LYS’ers do not want to work for LYS’ers. But, in general, their course of action is to either quickly leave or try to hunker down and wait out the storm.

3. LYS’ers are miserable when they work for adamant non-LYS’ers. However, in general, their course of action is to soldier on, keeping the focus on their class, team, or campus. All the while, scanning the horizon in search of an organization that better fits their tempo and beliefs.

As to your comment, I will remind everyone of this. First, LYS’er or not, no boss/leader is perfect. You, as the employee, have to decide if your leader’s strength set outweighs his or her weakness set. That is a personal decision.

Second, if you want to work for Jimmerson, or any other LYS district for that matter, send LYS a copy of your resume. Brown and Brezina head up the LYS Executive Search Team. They are constantly evaluating and placing up and coming school leaders (AP’s, Principals, Assistant Superintendents and Superintendents). As one Superintendent recently said, “Get me as many Brezina and Brown disciples you can find.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…