In response to the post,Reader’s Write… (You Can Do It, Quick)“, a reader writes:

“This post was a joke, right? LYS calls everyone out from time to time: teachers, principals, superintendents, school boards, and each other. No one is spared scrutiny. No one escapes accountability. I have known Cain, Brown, and Brezina for years and I can tell you this:

1. They know that the teacher-student interaction is the most important interaction in the school system.

2. They know (better than anyone I have met) that in order to improve that interaction, the job of leadership is to build capacity among the teaching faculty.

Leadership provides the vision, the focus, and the feedback. Leadership is about being a cheerleader and a coach. But just like sports coaching, it is the players doing the heavy lifting. Does the coach make a difference? All the difference in the world. But he or she still doesn’t execute the actual play.”

SC Response
I was confused by the response, but not alarmed by it. I figure it was one of three things:

1. Either the reader missed the actual intent of the post,

2. The post was a poorly worded or poorly written, or

3. The reader disagreed.

I actually hope it was the third option. Powerful and lasting ideas are forged through debate, discussion and scrutiny. If we all agree with everything that is posted on this blog, then it becomes nothing but a group think PR machine. Plus, if I get to walk onto a campus and point out to a principal what they need to do to get better, I expect the LYS Nation to feel comfortable in turning the table and doing the same to me. May the best ideas win.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…