In response to the post, A Reader Submits… Talking to Students”, a reader writes:

“The characteristics of a LYS campus and its staff:

1. Model expectations rather than dictate them.

2. Improve instruction rather than focusing on programs. When students are successful, instruction is successful.

3. Hold everyone in the organization accountable for improving, beginning with (and especially) leadership. Personal example: I refuse to hold anyone accountable for an outcome for which I can’t help provide solutions.

These are among the fundamentals, and according to Brezina, we should strive to become experts at executing the fundamentals. Know it. Love it. Live it.”

SC Response
There are two things that I would add, one from Brown and one from me.

Brown: “If the science of improvement isn’t in place, the art doesn’t matter.” This is a wake up call for all of us, especially the “naturals” who get by through ad-libbing and/or strength of personality. Keep ignoring the fundamentals and you are living on borrowed time.

Cain: Helping to provide solutions, does not mean I actually provide the solution. As a leader, I add value by creating and supporting an infrastructure that leverages the combined brain power of the organization to produce timely and effective solutions. Obviously, in the initial stages of change before there has been time to build focused capacity, more solutions will be directly attributable to me. But over time this balance must shift. The longer the organization stays one brain centric, the more that one brain becomes the limit to performance.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…