In response to the post, A Reader Writes… (Dress Code Yet Again – Part 2)… a hard core LYS’er writes:

Quote – “I didn’t go to college to…”

That is such a copout statement! And by the way, what college did you go to? Because you need to get your money back. It seems that they didn’t do a good job of teaching you the essence of teaching, learning and purposeful reflection.

As a product of the Marines, the University of Wyoming, and UNLV, I was taught, directed, and coached to not only to instruct students, but to model a standard every single day, as well.

Grow up. Even Wal-Mart has a dress code. And do know that if you were on my campus and you continued to display the attitude that came across in your post, there’s a good chance that Wal-Mart would quickly become your only employment option. Either check yourself, or make sure that you check my receipt when I leave the store.

Semper Fi.

SC Response
Ouch. Ease up just a little bit. There was a time when both you and I felt the need to fight the suits.

But as you so often do, you quickly get to the crux of the matter. Modeling is the most powerful way to teach anything. As teachers, coaches, and mentors every time we justify to ourselves that we deserve better than what we expect from our charges, we sacrifice effectiveness for comfort and conveinience. That doesn’t mean that you are a bad person, but it does mean that your pursuit of excellence is just lip service.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…