In response to the post, “Come By and Say Hi,” a reader writes:

“I couldn’t make it to your session but my principal did. She loved what you had to say! She is excited to start the year with your strategies. I want to know so much more after listening to her gush!”

SC Response
I’m glad your principal was excited, but she is playing catch up. As a regular blog reader, you participate in the LYS conversation almost daily. All she got was 75 minutes of highlights.

But evidently, your principal wasn’t the only one fired up. As you may have noticed, over the past week, the daily blog hasn’t been daily. We have been slammed by excited teachers, campus administrators and board members since the conference tour that started two week ago. We are working daily on re-vamping calendars, returning calls and answering e-mail requests. We are at least a week behind. But don’t worry, if we haven’t gotten back to you yet, we’re working are way to you.

All of that to say that for the next week or two, the blog posts will be sporadic. But that also gives you a chance to catch up on your reading and send in a comment, extension or toss out a new discussion strand.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…