I was recently talking to Brett Jimmerson (one of the scary-smart guys in our field). He was almost giddy (as was I) when looking what his district has been able to do in just three years. Here’s the recap:

2008: 8 schools Recognized or Exemplary (mostly recognized)

2009: 24 schools Recognized or Exemplary (mostly recognized)

2010: 32 schools Recognized or Exemplary (even 16 / 16 split)

The formula: The Foundation Trinity; the Fundamental Five, data driven decisions; a motivated and aggressive Principal corp; and a critical and ever growing mass of teachers committed to working differently.

But here was his question, “Why isn’t the media beating down our doors to report the story about the Grand Prairie Miracle?”

Of course I don’t have the definitive answer, but here is my opinion. The Grand Prairie Miracle (like the “miracle” at scores of LYS schools) isn’t flashy. The miracle isn’t a miracle. Instead it is a lot of hard work, a commitment to asking hard questions, and holding yourself accountable to purposefully improving.

In a world that wants to “program” it’s way out of a problem, that’s not a story, that’s a reminder that we’re not better because we lack commitment.

Jimmerson wrapped up with this, “We didn’t do this for the publicity, but our people and our kids have busted their tails for three years now and you would think that someone outside our system would care.”

That’s why there is an LYS Nation. The world may not care but the Nation does.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…