In response to the post, “Update from the World Tour,” a LYS Principal writes:


An update from my job interview tour, I am currently being courted by a superintendent to take over his large, urban, struggling high school. His quote: “You caught my attention because I noticed that you are a Brezina disciple. This district needs Brezina disciples.”

SC Response
From a career standpoint there is both risk and reward for being a Brezina Disciple or Brown Guy or Gal (same person, just from a different branch of the family tree). They are known as take no garbage problem solvers who get results and don’t suffer fools. As such, there are districts and superintendents who seek them out. And there are districts and superintendents who want no part of them.

Which is why I say that you always have to be honest about who you are during interviews and be selective about who you choose to work for. To not do so is to risk being hired by a district that is committed to remaining an also ran. This will quickly make you miserable and soon make your new district tire of you and your insatiable need to improve.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…