In response to the post,A Reader Submits… Hiring Decisions“, a reader writes.


I had a very exciting interview today. It was a site based committee, so I was hesitant at first. I started slow, having plenty of experience with LYS philosophy scaring interview committees. I was surprised to find the committee kept pushing me for tougher responses to their questions. I cranked up my LYS volume to about 60% and was concerned when I saw the entire group wince at one of my answers. I told the committee I realized I might have just blown it, but I gave them an honest answer. To my surprise they responded that they were glad to finally find a candidate with the viewpoint I expressed. I ended the interview at about 70% LYS intensity and the teacher group seemed very comfortable. I was afraid to go to 100% at this stage, but in time I think the school is capable of handling it. I should point out the high school is of a good size with a number of sub-pops, yet it is recognized, so they have something going on. I am relieved to find schools like this, as all I have ever experienced is dysfunction and a constant battle to get adults to do the very minimum for kids.”

SC Response
As we have discussed before, your leadership experience has been in a narrow niche in our field. That is taking “broke to better.” That can jade you. Most educators are generally trying their best. What they lack is an understanding that they are the critical variable in the performance of their students. You on the other hand, based on your experience, are hyper-sensitive to that fact. That concept is frightening to schools in the comfortable middle, because if forces every adult to re-examine their daily practice (not comfortable).

The fact that you found a campus that was willing to consider what you presented is a good sign. It means that on some level they recognize that they are operating with a potential gap. Now it will be interesting to see if they want to do something about it.

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