In response to the post, “Hiring Decisions,” a reader writes:

“Being the first with a solution to a problem is…” …more importantly the BEST way to make a DIFFERENCE in the lives of our children!!!!!

SC Response
I hate to steal the mojo, but not exactly. The first solution is usually the best one for adults. Or as E. Don Brown famously states, “If it’s good for adults, its bad for kids.” It takes some digging to get to the best solution for kids. But that wasn’t the context of the advice, though I do appreciate your enthusiasm.

Most people provide leadership with problems, a few provide leadership with solutions and even fewer provide solutions that are personal agenda neutral (those are usually the ones best for kids). My entire career has been based on providing solutions. This started in the classroom and quickly set me apart from my peers. So that is a cornerstone to my career advice to all educators, look for problems (which few do) and create solutions for those problems (still fewer). At some point someone will notice and appreciate it

Think. Work. Achieve.

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