A LYS teacher submits:

I have to admit that not only was I skeptical about what you had to say (you made it sound too easy), being told “How to Teach,” made me angry at you. But we just got our initial TAKS results back and they are the best we have ever had. Since I didn’t say it when you were here working with us, “Thank you.”

SC Response
No hard feelings. Most campuses aren’t real happy with me when I first arrive. It goes with the territory. The exciting thing is that your story is not unique. The calls are pouring in right now and the results are overwhelmingly positive. Increased scores and improved ratings are the story of the day. So congratulations to all of those schools.

And if the results on your campus aren’t where you want them to be, don’t lose hope. Remember, adult practice is the leading indicator; student performance is the lagging indicator. The deeper the hole you started in and/or the less frequent the staff as a whole executed the “science” of instruction, the longer it takes to get the improvement engine started.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…