In response to the post, “It’s Not Over, Until We Say Its Over,” Brezina writes,

“Sounds like a standard trip for you.”

SC Response
Completely true story: Around 1999, I’m taking my first vacation in over three years of working for Brezina. He calls on Sunday afternoon and says, “Meeting with the County Representatives and Superintendents tomorrow at 9:00am.”

I say, “You know I’m ten hours away, on vacation?”

He says, “That’s why I calling you now and not waiting for tomorrow.”

So yes, I’ve had practice.

And another LYS reader writes:

“OMG! Brother, that is the funniest thing I have read in a year. I also appreciate the fact that you edited out the professional level profanity that I know you were spewing. After all, this is a family blog.

Seriously, that post captured the essence of why you hire Cain and what he brings to the table. No one in the country can spin something out of nothing better than he can. Your campus will improve no matter what obstacles fate, systems, or blatant stupidity throw into your path.”

SC Response
Actually I went thru the profanity stage pretty quickly, by the time I hit the traffic jam it was just funny. Here’s what I think is interesting. When I got to the meeting and I was telling the story, the first thing people said was, “What a horrible morning.”

I said, in all honesty, “Really? I think it was an awesome morning. I conquered personal error, state accountability, bureaucracy, space and time in just two hours. Everything else today ought to be a piece of cake.”

Adversity is just a chance to measure yourself.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…