In response to the post, “Teacher Stress – Part 14,” a reader writes:

“Actually when we fail, many of our students will end up in jail; choosea life of crime or gangs where they could die or cause someone else to die; and/or choose a life of crime that can destroy businesses.”

SC Response
Correct, but then again as a member of the LYS Nation, you operate at a higher state of awareness and urgency. What I meant in my example is that a doctor who half-steps has patients die. A lawyer who half-steps has clients go to jail. A CPA who half-steps has clients go bankrupt. An educator who half-steps doesn’t often have to face the immediate ramification of his or her lack of professionalism. The damage that we do generally manifests itself at a latter date, but it is still very real.

Once we embrace the fact that our failures do cause death, prison and economic failure, the incentive to get better, faster becomes more universal. Until then, we are not a true profession; we are just a collection of mostly well intentioned people engaged in random acts of nurturing. Our students (and our communities) need more that that.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…