In response to the post “Quick Advice for AP’s – Parts 2 and 3” a reader writes:


I wish I were an LYS principal! I wish someone cared about instruction outside of this campus. We soldier on and know that we are the difference in these kids’ lives. High expectations sound trite and overused and yet it is critical in making the difference in whether our students succeed or not.

One of my AP’s gave permission for a teacher to take a personal day and overlooked we did not have any subs. He asked me to solve the problem. He didn’t want to tell the teacher no. I told him I would be happy to cancel his registration for a conference on that same date so he could sub for the teacher. When I asked who comes first, student needs or staff needs, his answer was student needs. He came back later and told me he convinced the teacher to change his date. He sent the message to that teacher and more importantly to himself to look at the priorities. He also has reviewed his process for ensuring he keeps up with when staff is out and if subs are available. What a wonderful teaching moment for him!”

SC Response
First of all, you are one of the proto-type LYS Principals. You were one of us before we formally organized. And I feel your pain; it hurts my heart that your district no longer puts students in front of adults. Our team put in a lot of sweat equity to change lives and it is sad that you are now the last one standing.

Second, I can’t image one of your AP’s pulling a stunt like that (rookie?). Knowing you and having had to deal with your, “I’m disappointed in you” tone, I’d bet that the problem was fixed within 15 minutes of the AP leaving your office. Keep pushing; you’ve been in unchartered territory for about 10 years now.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…