In response to the post, “Quick Advice for AP’s – Vol. 2,” a reader writes:

“This is kind of an arrogant post. Kind of killed the mood among me and the LYS’ers I know. Where is the humility?”

SC Response
I didn’t write it as an arrogant post; I meant it as an irritated post. With the LYS Nation, I know that I do a lot of preaching to the choir. In this case the choir got snapped at for the transgressions of others. My bad.

About 6 weeks ago, we had a rash of non-LYS AP’s who decided that they had darn near reached the apex of our professional knowledge. As such, what could two dinosaurs who obviously don’t know anything about the complexity and challenges of working with affluent suburban students offer them? So they wasted their district’s money and Brown and Brezina’s time. As you could see, I let the soft and entitled push my buttons.

Hence the post. As for killing the mood, I apologize. But the beauty of a daily discourse is that everyday you get a fresh start.

Finally, humility has never been a goal of mine, but neither has fame. I’m driven by the need to find the answer. Sometimes that drive gets in the way of social graces, but fortunately, those of you who have worked for me (like you) or with me know that when the going gets tough, that’s when I’m driven to work harder.

Thanks for the reality check.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…