6:05 AM – Sitting down in my comfortable first class seat, getting ready for a 6:17 take-off. I’ll make my 9:30 AM meeting 700 miles away with at least 15 minutes to spare. “Coffee, two creams and an Equal. Thank you” I love it when a plan comes together.

5:56 AM – They should have an idiots only line at the airport. Take your liquids and gels out of your bag means take your liquids and gels out of your bag. I’m just going to miss my flight.

5:45 AM – Right though the first class check point line. Now just the x-ray machines to get through. I’m going to make my flight.

5:41 AM – I’d like to upgrade my ticket to first class. Whatever it costs, I need to get through that line, right there. “No problem Mr. Cain, and I’ll let the gate know you are here.” I still might make my flight.

5:38 AM – No one in the first class line. Upgrade my ticket or go home.

5:37 AM – Check-in line extends out the door of the terminal. I just missed my flight and my meeting.

5:30 AM – Parked the car in the expensive area near the front. I still have a chance to catch my 6:17 flight.

5:19 AM – Detour back around down town, and I still might get to the airport on time. I’m pretty sure I won’t get stuck driving down the grass embankment.

5:18 AM – You have to be kidding me. Freeway construction! I’m toast. Maybe I can reschedule my meetings.

5:14 AM – No more margin of error. But I can still make my flight.

5:13 AM – Court date is May 18th. Got it., Thank you, officer.

5:12 AM – He’s just messing with me. Nothing like being someone else’s humorous diversion.

5:08 AM – I have a 6:17 flight that I can’t miss. Here’s my license and insurance.

5:07 AM – He clocked me.

5:07 AM – Oops, that’s a cop. I wonder if he clocked me.

4:45 AM – In the car. The airport is 40 minutes away. Flight is at 6:15. I love it when a plan comes together.

4: 05 AM – Alarm clock goes off. Get it in gear, boy. T minus 2 hours.

10:30 PM – Brief case is in the car. Suit is laid out. 5½ hours of sleep and I’m good to go.

Three Days Prior, Minus 15 Seconds – “Don’t cancel anything. Make the arrangements and I’ll get there.”

Three Days Prior – “Sean, the only way I can get you to the Thursday night event and Friday morning meeting is fly you in Wednesday night. Have you spend the whole day there Thursday and then fly you out on the first flight Friday morning. Or you cancel something.”

It’s not over until the final bell sounds or you decide it’s over. Have a plan and execute it at full speed up until you know that what you are doing won’t work anymore. Then change the plan while you keep running at full speed. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to catch a flight, teach your content, or pass a bond election.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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