In response to the post, “Working Hard,” a reader writes:

Thanks for getting to the core of the supposed ‘low morale’ issue that always occurs at this time of year. Teachers are aware the clock is ticking. And the ones that ‘overslept’ one day too many know that their data doesn’t look so hot right now, just like I do. This means that I’m on their doorstep everyday with a big bright smile and “You better believe I’m watching you like a hawk” eyes.

They also dread hearing my annual comment of “You better not even make a prediction right now of end of year results for ANY student because we still have three months of teaching ahead of us!”

You’ve said it before and I hope they carve it into all LYS’er tombstones… ‘Adult behavior determines student achievement’.

Cowgirl up!!!! 🙂

SC Response
There you go. But for the record, you did misquote me. It is, “Adult practice drives student performance.”

I do want to point out that you made an excellent point. We have three months left of school. This means we have to keep teaching after the state accountability tests have been administered. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case; most schools shut it down and coast after the tests. Here’s the litmus test to see if this is occurring on your campus. If you are performing at the same level (or lower) as your demographic peers, there is a lot of phoning it in occurring. If you are out performing your demographic peers, you are most likely teaching at full speed for most of the year.

Numbers don’t lie.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…