In response to the posts addressing, “Instructional Discussions,” a reader writes:

“The blog is on fire write now. The LYS Nation is right on target and SC has just been hitting them out of the park.”

SC Response
I have to say that I agree, the blog is on fire. As I tell people, I lost control of the discussion six months ago. We are now in the middle on an active exchange of ideas, centered on the fact that we love schools and we are driven to see that our schools do great things. Other than that, may the best idea and argument win.

E. Don Brown and Fred Richardson, both former TASSP presidents, close friends, and before they retired, universally recognized as two of the best principals in Texas, would disagree more than they would agree. And we have to understand that the argument is both healthy and necessary. The argument forces us to recognize that what we do is both a science and an art. If we can nail down the science (and we are getting closer everyday), it will be the artists that push and pull us to ever greater heights. That’s makes getting up and going to work everyday worth it.

And for the record, I was never a power hitter. I just worked to put the ball in play and advance the runner. It’s all about fundamentals.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…