So I’m at the airport, stupid early, again. This time I’m heading to the National Association of Secondary School Principals Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. Of all the conferences, NASSP has always been my favorite. A friend of mine put me on the spot yesterday and asked why I think it is the best. It’s not that the other conventions and conferences aren’t good; it’s just that NASSP is better.

I believe this because just like the principal, the convention sits at the crossroads of our field. You get the best national speakers presenting on topics from instruction to operations to Board and community relations. All the other conferences either have a narrower focus (for example AASA or ASCD), a smaller scale (state conferences) or a specific host organization agenda (Dagget’s ICLE or Read 180). My advice for teachers, assistant principals, principals and assistant superintendents, is for professional development purposes if you can only attend one conference a year, make it NASSP. Then find a way to get to at least one other conference.

If you too are heading to Phoenix come visit us as at the LYS Booth and stick around for my presentation. It’s always nice to have some friendly faces in the audience and as usual I’m presenting on the successes of the LYS Nation.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…