The possibility of having a meeting of the LYS minds was mentioned recently on the blog. Since then, there has been considerable positive response. Not enough for a big conference, but definitely enough for a meet and greet with the chance to network with like-minded educators. Before I reveal what we are thinking, here are a couple of your comments on the idea.

“Sean, I would be glad to attend such a meeting. I think it is always helpful to share ideas and support each other in this tough job we do.”

“Count me in and I will bring some friends along as well!”

“My district is in for such an event. Colleagues need to meet and share how things are going. It’s always nice to know that so many of the LYS Nation are working for students. That’s our business and our calling.”


“I would be interested even though I am not a member of the LYS Nation, although I’d love to be! I am a first year AP who follows your blog thanks to the suggestion of my former principal.”

For those of you who don’t know, as an entity, LYS is a huge supporter of our professional organizations, such as NAESP, NASSP, AASA, ASCD and all of their state affiliates. E. Don Brown is a former president of both the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals and the National Association of Secondary School Principals. Bob Brezina is a former president of the Texas Association of School Administrators and is the current President of the United States Academic Decathlon. So we think it is only natural to invite the LYS Nation to visit us at our booth at the NASSP Conference in Phoenix on March 11 – 14. But we also plan to host an informal LYS reception in Austin, Texas during the TASSP and TEPSA conferences this summer. I’ll post more details as we firm up the plan. The LYS Nation has spoken so we will make this happen.

As for the reader who is concerned that he or she is not a member of the LYS Nation, I propose the following citizenship test.

1. You read the blog on a regular basis.

2. You agree with at least 25% of what we discuss.

3. You disagree with at least 10% of what we discuss.

4. You recognize that as a profession, an organization, a classroom and as an individual, we are no where near meeting our potential and have a passion to chase that potential down.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…