In response to the post, “Lesson Framing,” a reader writes:

“Lesson Framing? What is the LYS version of this concept in the lesson cycle? If it works, I want to investigate, model and implement!”

SC Response
If it works? You know us better than that. Of course it works.

Lesson Framing is the set up practice of the Fundamental Five. The Fundamental Five are the five essential practices of effective instruction. The short explanation of the practice is that it is the presentation of the essential learning for a particular lesson and how the student will know how they “got” it.

Currently there are close to a 100 campuses that are implementing the Fundamental Five and we are constantly training new schools. If you want more information or some reference campuses to contact (better to hear how powerful the training is from someone in the field), just call the LYS Think Tank at (832) 477-LEAD.

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