Once again it is time for world’s toughest game… LYS Jeopardy!

I’ll take ‘Maintaining the Status Quo’ for $1000, Alex.

What is ‘Meaningful change is uncomfortable and we don’t want movers and shakers that make us look bad.’

SC Response
This submission touches on why I think the blog is important and why it seems to resonate with so many educators. From a work standpoint, student centered change is a very difficult process. But it is the human toll that can cripple you. Everywhere you turn there is someone, or some group, with an agenda other than students who is trying to stop you. The more meaningful the change, the harder they work against you.

This blog lets you, the change agent, know that you are not alone and you have not lost your mind. You are just out-numbered. But being outnumbered simply means that when your school and your students become more successful, the feeling of accomplishment will be even sweeter than normal.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…