The following is an excerpt of a message from a teacher at an LYS school.

“Here are a few things that I noticed about Lesson Framing over the last couple of days.

1. It’s NOT as time-consuming as people think because you can give the kids hints on what you are doing and they will give you suggestions on what to do next. I feel like it creates a little anticipation about what is going to happen (and so what if they know what you are teaching… why keep it a surprise?).

2. It makes me wake up SUPER EXCITED about my lesson that day. Why? Because I KNOW it is darn good and I can’t wait to show it off to the kids. But, my excitement is now becoming a mirror image as I watch the kids. It is such an AMAZING feeling! The research is very true, I’m sad, they’re sad. I’m boring, they’re bored. I’m quiet, they’re quiet. Or, I’M HAPPY, THEY’RE HAPPIER! I’M INTERESTING, THEY’RE INTERESTED! I LIKE TO TALK, KIDS LOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE TO TALK, SO WE TURN AND TALK! Why did someone have to actually research that? It’s common sense, right?

3. Now it is easier to start off with the Engagement part of my lesson (This is what I thought I would only use it for). But then I kept planning my lesson and I started to extend my Engagement into my Exploration. Then I thought, maybe I can just make up a question in TAKS format that goes with this and use it for my Explanation part of my lesson (there’s my anchor chart and the strategy is on it too). Lastly, I only need to EVALUATE my students on their EFFORT and ability from the lesson – (that is really the easiest part of the lesson), EXIT TICKETS!! Hit them with the real world, “Elaborate on the information you learned today. Give me examples of why you this is important to you? What made you feel successful in math today? What do you need more assistance with from today’s lesson to make you feel successful?”

I’ve already shared this with my team; I thought I would share it with you also.”

SC Response
What can I add of value? Not much? It’s like we say in our introduction, great teaching is well within the grasp of every teacher. Once you consistently execute the fundamentals, your passion and creativity will take care of the rest.

You go, girl!!!

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…