In response to the posts relating to “Gant Wisdom 1,” a reader writes:


Your closing question to the post, “are you a manager or a leader,” provides an interesting paradox.

If you read this blog and continue to ‘choose’ management, then you need to find different reading material to fill your time because you’re just ‘playing leader.’ If you read this and connect to the things you share then you already know you’re a leader.”

SC Response
I know that there is a lot of preaching to the choir that goes on in this blog. But I also know that there is a steady stream of readers who are trying new ways of leading their teams that are contrary to the existing culture of their campus and/or district. Thus my question was poised to either reaffirm their course of action or to have them question what role they actually serving.

But you are right, if you are not willing to push the envelope and work everyday to purposefuly create a better future for your students and your campus, then you are not going to get much from this blog. And you are darn sure never going to be a card carrying member of the LYS Nation.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…