In response to the posts relating to “Gant Wisdom 1,” a reader writes:

“Let’s not forget that that LYS is not just about the formal leaders. Teacher leaders can and do read the blog and are a significant influence on their principal. This is powerful stuff. The next school I lead will be a LYS school. If the school has not previously been exposed to this philosophy, it will be within days of my arrival.

For that matter, let’s get students involved here on LYS. I spoke to a group of students this week. Their number one concern? “Our teachers don’t push us enough.”

I don’t care how we improve schools or who the mouthpiece for change is as long as we move forward for students. If you are a parent, share LYS with your child’s teachers and principal. Oh, and again, I am a real world principal, not a LYS employee.”

SC Response
Overall, I agree with you. The LYS blog was created for leaders, both formal and informal. In fact, I think the blog is a more valuable resource for informal leaders who are often isolated from leadership networks. And currently, I am aware of a number of LYS readers who are interested in schools and school leadership, but do not work directly for schools or school districts.

But in spite of you enthusiasm, I’m not sure that LYS is a forum for students. I’m still trying to figure out how to get more adults to think and talk about the topics we discuss here.

Think. Work. Achieve.

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