In response to the posts on “Morning Homework / Support Lab,” a reader writes:

“Working with teachers is not a bad idea, but this idea puts us back to focusing on the needs of adults instead the needs of kids. We definitely need to focus on the needs of adults, but I think Cain was pointing out that when the kids are at school, it is prime time to focus on kids.”

SC Response
Thanks for reminding me of my original premise, which I will summarize:

1. Failure prevention is infinitely more powerful that credit recovery.

2. The key to failure prevention is timely intervention.

3. There is considerable down time in the morning, when students are just waiting for school to start.

4. School starts when the students arrive, not when the adults decide to start working.

5. With a little planning, initiative, and flexible staff scheduling, morning homework and support centers could operate daily, before school starts.

6. The morning support would extended the instructional day and help to prevent student failure.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…


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