In response to posts on dress codes, a reader writes:

“Although I’m not a teacher, principle or school administrator, I am a professional that works in the area of pediatric health (leadership is leadership). I too am held accountable to a dress code standard. If we had a school like “hang up” on adhering to and enforcing a look of self pride and professionalism, I believe the level of care to our patients would suffer.

Really, don’t sweat the small stuff! As Nike says…JUST DO IT! and move on. Be proud to LEAD by example.

As a child, I grew to hate the following quote, “Do as I say, not as I do.” Followed by, “For the king can do NO wrong!” Is that really what you want to teach your student?

Let me leave you with one more thought. As a “parent,” which hospital would you choose? The one that looks like it is run by professionals or the one that looks like it is run by people heading for the mall on the week-end. Looks matter.”

SC Response
The writer makes an excellent point. We expect professionals to look like professionals. I used to remind my staff that the community doesn’t know what quality instruction looks like, so they form their opinion based on how we look.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…