Instructional Infrastructure Support

Build a great system and more of your staff will be great – B. Brezina

Curriculum Mapping / Common Assessment Camps
The staffs of exemplar schools clearly understand which content standards should be taught and when to teach those standards.  The LYS Curriculum Mapping process is your tool for building a grassroots understanding and expertise in grade level content.

Common Assessments provide the real-time data needed by healthy PLCs to improve the quality of delivered instruction.  LYS is a pioneer in the effective use of Short-term Common Assessments. The LYS Common Assessment Camp provides a foundation for initially building your common assessment process and the expert coaching your team needs to optimize an existing program.

Single-day and on-going training and support packages that facilitate improved implementation of all facets of the PowerWalks Instructional Observation System.

Data Analysis and Adjustment Training
Schools and school districts face either the problem of not having enough data or having too much data.  LYS data analysis and adjustment training guides your staff in identifying what data to collect, when to collect it, how to use it and what to do next.

Scope and Sequence Fidelity
Training and support targeting the practices that must be implemented and managed to ensure high fidelity implementation of a district’s common scope and sequence.

The Iron Rule
An introduction to the Iron Rule of School Improvement and training and support on the data use and planning practices that facilitate the focused implementation of the Iron Rule.

Campus Operational Assessment
LYS Coaching Staff conducts an on-site assessment of campus operations. Based on the assessment, LYS provides campus leadership with individualized improvement prescription based on the campus’ assessed strengths and weaknesses.

Game On
“A PLC on Steroids!” Through the structure of purposeful healthy competition, Game On provides instructional staff a system that drives the continuous replacement of less effective practices with more effective practices.  This advanced ‘school within a school’ organizational structure allows the campus to easily conduct action research and to quickly compare similar quantitative and qualitative data. The Game On campus is unapologetically focused on dramatically increasing the opportunities of each student on the campus; achieving the highest accountability rating of its state; and dramatically increasing the number of students who achieve the highest individual student performance standard of its state.

Customized training, coaching and solution development
Based on the assessed needs of the campus LYS will develop and deliver a site-specific training and coaching.