“Adult Practice Drives Student Performance” – S. Cain

LYS training, support and consultation services are designed and delivered to ensure strategic improvements in the adult practices that make the greatest impact on student performance.

Lead Your School provides school leaders with the tools, training and support to rapidly correct areas of concern and leverage areas of strength. All while maintaining the focus on maximizing opportunity for each and every student.

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Organization Assessment
  • Campus
    • The Risk Free Initial Assessment
      • LYS will assess your campus based on what you want to achieve against what you are currently doing. LYS will create a prescription to assist you in rapidly closing the gap between your practice and your intent. Contact LYS to discuss our Risk Free Guarantee.
    • End of Year / On-going Assessment
      • LYS will assess your campus’ progress towards meeting your annual goals and provide a prescription for continuous improvement.
  • District
    • LYS will assess the instructional health of your district and develop a prescription to both improve student performance and increase staff capacity.
  • Discipline Management
    • LYS will assess the alignment and effectiveness of your district, campus, and/or classroom discipline management policies and procedures. Then LYS will provide you with a prescription to rapidly address identified deficiencies and adopt recognized best practice.
The Science of Instruction
  • Scope and Sequence Implementation
    • LYS will assist you in insuring the adoption and/or universal implementation of your district’s curriculum scope and sequence.
  • Short-Term Common Assessment
    • LYS will assist you in the development and purposeful implementation of short-term common assessments.
  • PowerWalks
    • “You can’t fix what you can’t see.” LYS will provide you with the ‘secret’ tool for ensuring continuous system, leadership, staff and student performance growth.
The Art of Instruction
  • Teacher Practice
    • Fundamental Five
      • The most revolutionary teacher training available today. The Cain / Laird Fundamental Five provides every teacher with the practices that will make them more effective, TODAY. Presented as a four part training series, the Fundamental Five serves as the starting point for improving campus performance, no matter where you are starting from.
    • Active Teaching Academy
      • From the mind of education icon, E. Don Brown, the ATA is a two to four day intensive camp that provides teachers with tools and strategies to drive instruction to higher levels of rigor, relevance and engagement and then stay there.
    • Content Specific Support
  • LYS instructional coaches can provide your campus and teachers with training and support in specific content areas. Content specific training is available either as a series or on an as-needed basis.
  • Data Sources and Use
    • LYS will provide focused training and support on how to identify relevant sources of data, determine what the data reveals, and how to best adjust campus practices based on data analysis.
  • Implementation
    • LYS will coach you and your staff on how to purposefully and systematically align campus practices with campus vision.
  • The Purposeful Classroom
    • LYS will coach you and your staff on how to purposefully manage the classroom environment to maximize student performance.
  • Board Continuing Education Series
    • Led by Robert ‘Bob’ Brezina, LYS provides expert training and support to proactive, dedicated school boards. Organized in two to five session training series, Boards explore a variety of topics addressing the challenges of leading school systems in the 21st century. Topics include:
      • District Reinvention
      • Effective and Efficient Operations
      • Vision Alignment
      • Team Building
      • Taxes and Bonds
      • Succession Management
      • New Member Induction
  • Executive Leadership Series
    • Led by Robert ‘Bob’ Brezina, LYS will create a customized coaching solution designed to meet the leadership needs of you and your organization. The LYS coaching staff provides focused consultation and support to:
      • Superintendents
      • Board Leadership
      • District Senior Staff
  • Principal Coaching Series
    • Led by E. Don Brown, LYS will create a customized coaching solution designed to meet the specific leadership needs of you and your organization. The LYS coaching staff provides on-going consultation and support to the:
      • New Principal
      • Veteran Principal
      • Change Agent Principal
  • Leadership Development Academy
    • LYS will design and support a customized, action focused leadership development academy and internship program for your district. Our academies increase leadership capacity and allow the district to select the most able candidates on its staff for promotions. As one Superintendent raved, “This academy prevents us from making the bad hires that put our district in even deeper holes. And it speeds up the learning curve for our new hires.”
Continuous Learning Communities
  • The Action Oriented CLC
    • LYS will assist you in implementing the fundamental practices of a successful continuous learning community.
  • Game On!
    • The Continuous Learning Community on Steroids. This advanced LYS system optimizes campus functions and activities in the support instructional innovation and sustainable student performance growth.
STAR Discipline Systems
  • From the minds of Sean Cain and Dr. Jim Davis, STAR Discipline Systems are the evolution of cutting edge practices and programs developed by two of the foremost experts in the field. The integrated STAR system addresses student discipline management needs in the following settings:
    • STAR Campus Practices
    • STAR Classroom Practices
    • STAR On Campus Support Centers
    • STAR District Practices
Other Services
  • Facilitated Planning Retreats
    • LYS coaching staff will design and facilitate one to three day planning retreats for boards, district staff and campus staff. Remove the distractions of the day to day routine and focus the brain power of your organization on strategic and tactical decision making.
  • Keynote / Conference Presentations
    • Have celebrated national speakers Sean Cain or E. Don Brown jump start your conference or training seminar.
  • Interview Preparation
    • Have a LYS coach guide you in the preparation for your next big interview. Specific support is provided for:
      • Superintendent Interviews
      • Assistant Superintendent Interviews
      • Principal Interviews
      • Assistant Principal Interviews
  • Crisis Solution Development and Support
    • LYS will discretely provide solution development, support, and/or oversight when you are faced with the unexpected or unusual problem or situation.